JM Auto Sales won't return GAP insurance refund.

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I purchased a vehicle from Duluth Motorsports they partnered with JM Auto Sales for the GAP ins portion. I paid off a 5 year loan in approx 25 months.

On July 29, 2009 I purchased a 2008 Dodge Avenger from the owner Brandon Agenter of Duluth Motorsports. I told Brandon I would only purchase the vehicle if I could have GAP insurance. He told me he didn't sell GAP, but would make some calls to see what he could do.

He partnered with the owner of JM Auto Sales whose name is Mike for him to handle the GAP portion of the deal. The GAP insurance was $400 and the loan was for 60 months.

I ended up paying the car off on August 18, 2011, which was less than 25 months into my loan. I talked to Brandon to inform him Superior Choice Credit Union would be mailing him all the paperwork to show the vehicle was paid off early. He got with Mike after numerous attempts of Mike not returning his calls.

The GAP insurance company finally got the paperwork and sent Mike at JM Auto Sales a check on October 7, 2011 to cover his administration costs. I called the GAP insurance company after 60 days as informed if a refund wasn't yet received by the dealership.

I was informed they sent a check for his administration costs and they should refund me $198.33 for my prorated refund. Mike has refused to pay me the $198.33 owed. I have left numerous messages with his other employees as he his always unavailable.

I spoke with him one time on October 27, 2011 explaining that he owed me $198.33. He didn't understand and didn't believe me. I offered a conference call to the GAP insurance company to hear them say the amount owed is $198.33 and the check sent was for his administration costs. He refused to this call and took the 800 number ignoring my future calls.

I've had the GAP insurance company call him and they were unable to get a hold of this man who owns the dealership yet is never there. This is the third vehicle I've purchased with GAP insurance and the second where a refund was needed. The last time I received a refund with in 1-2 weeks. I believe people shouldn't sell stuff they don't know how it works.

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